Hunan Qiyang self-coming water meter entered the era of smart watermelon

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Qiyang News Network March 28, in recent years, with the continuous accelement of urbanization construction, urban water supply system is intelligent, the information construction is continuously developed, "smart water meter" began to enter thousands of households. Up to now, the intelligent transformation of DN25 and above the Shui Water Users in Fuyang County is basically completed. The DN15 water meter intelligent transformation completed 2100 households. The new registered water meter has been fully intelligent, marking the water supply digital informationization and intelligent work in Fuyang County. A new step.

Many residents have gradually showed a number of drawbacks in many years, on the one hand, because the data is not accurate for the summary, so that the account is checked, it may be disputed by the water fee. Based on this context, in order to improve the water supply conditions of residents, reduce water supply disputes, my country has launched the idea of "one household" transformation of tap water through long-term research and practice, and fully carry out the renovation of the water supply industry.

According to reports, the intelligent remote water gauge is composed of a general mechanical water meter, using the electronic collection sending message module, using "photoelectric direct reading" technology, converts water meter reading into data signals through laser scanning count gears, and then pass mobile phone signal back to the water company database. Among them, the electronic acquisition message module can complete signal acquisition, data processing, storage, etc., and transmit data to a computer room server or handheld meter using the communication line.

Intelligent remote water gauge is accurate, high sensitivity, not only reduces the judgment of artificial meter reading, but also effectively solves the problem of intact space reading interference user private space. The application of smart water meter not only saves the resource cost of artificial meter reading, but also for the use process, but also let the general public have a life experience of worry, effort, and water-saving. In addition, the smart water meter can also monitor the operating conditions of the water meter, and find that the user will notify the user to process, avoid running, leakage, droplets such as tap water.

Next, Shuyang County Shui Water Corporation will vigorously promote the use of smart water meters, gradually rotate all water meters to complete intelligent transformation, actively promote the operation, water supply scheduling, SCADA system, pipe network GIS, pipe network inspection system, Piking system The integration of various operational systems such as system, business toll system, labeling system, water pressure water quality, partition measurement, pipe network hydraulic model, etc., to create an integrated management platform.

With the in-depth implementation of relevant policies such as "ladder water prices", "one house" system and other related policies, the six-year compulsory verification regular rotation and the demand for the modernization of smart pipe network, it is expected to be in my country's smart water meter by 2020 The penetration will be close to 45%, and the market size will exceed 17 billion yuan.

In addition, according to institutions, the global smart water meter will reach 1.2 billion to 2022, which exceeds the amount of smart meter and gas meter. This provides a huge development opportunity for water meters.

Smart Water Meter is a new water meter for measuring water data transfer and water data transfer and settlement transactions with modern microelectronics, modern sensing technology, intelligent IC card technology. It is a great advancement with a traditional water meter that is generally only the function of the flow acquisition and mechanical pointer display water. In addition to recording and electron display of water, smart water meter, can also be controlled in accordance with the conventional water consumption, and automatically complete the water rate of step water prices, and the function of storing water data can be carried out.