Shanghai promotes intelligent water meter and intelligent monitoring system

2021-06-26 16:01:40  /   Visits:

In Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong Wei Lijie, Shui Water Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pudong Vi Lija) water supply service covers 672 square kilometers of During Pudong, more than 3.8 million users are being committed to continuously enhanced customer service center quality and attachment Value, bringing a new service experience for users who came to the business hall, have launched four wisdom water projects.

Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, etc., bring new changes to the operational development of traditional water. From this year, Shanghai's water supply companies will gradually adopt information intelligence, refinement to protect the quality of residents, improve work efficiency, intelligent water meter and intelligent real-time monitoring system will be applied in the city.

Welcome robot "Xiaowei"

In October 2018, Pudong Weida Company cooperated with Dacheng Technology Cloudpepper cloud intelligent robot to customize the "Xiaowei" of the smart customer service robot suitable for the water industry. "Xiaowei" can communicate with users through its own water service information knowledge base, eliminating the inconvenience between the artificial window waiting in line.

AR valve inspection system

On the road, the staff can take a mobile phone with the AR valve inspection system. The AR system will take the virtual valve and pipeline information from the background GIS system, match the real scene, all The orientation is presented on the screen of the mobile phone screen to realize the visual management control of the valve inspection, greatly improve the quality of the valve inspection.

When the explosion tube occurs, the valve manhole cover will be submerged, this time the staff can transfer the information of the pipeline and the valve through this system, excavate the repair, save the water time and range.

At present, the smart water meter, the data stabilization is 99%, and the installation range will be further expanded this year.